About Ora

In Hebrew, ORA means “light”: luminosity, warmth, perspective, liveliness, brightness.

We are the home where Jewish artists find support, community, and inspiration. Our artists work in many media including: collage, paint, silk, glass, precious metals, paper, ceramics, beadwork, photography, wood and more. 

ORA hosts a circuit of exhibits in galleries, museums, synagogues and community centers as well as workshops, tours, and classes. 


What's it like to join ORA?

In addition to showing in many exhibits throughout the year, the ORA Artist Feedback group program creates intimate smaller groups. These offer opportunities for friendship and mentorship, to learn from one another and laugh together as we support one another’s artistic growth.

ORA also supports the development of young artists, through various exhibition programs as well as our Scholarship fund. Click on the link below to learn more about joining our membership.