Yana Golberg

As a soul portrait writer, I aim to enhance inner virtues in how they project to an outer cover. I capture the dreamy whimsical fragment, the benevolent side, the consoling state. Being an avid spectator rather than a vivid player, I make sure my reflections are secured through expressions most natural to me. Moving to the states from Tashkent, Uzbekistan during my teenage years leaving behind a full life of formed friendships, connections, 'coolness', comfortable and familiar surroundings - a native habitat, came with an impact - I became an observer, rather than a participant for a while. Not being able to speak the language during this fragile age, my drawing ability helped me tremendously. It was a cure to boredom, a stress reliever, a relaxation technique, and a much-needed way to express the observations. Entranced by versatility of faces, I would mostly draw black and white portraits during this gray era. As my life started to obtain more colors again, I was thrilled to discover oil pastels. When I am interested in reading people I tend to bring out the best in them just as I try to narrate their best version.

Original Paintings and Prints


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