Leslie Peltz Photographer

When I began taking pictures at age 50, I was drawn to black/white film and the solitude of the darkroom to capture the often bleak landscape of ranches, farms, small towns, and abandoned homesteads. A series on silos followed including photos in multiple states and Italy. I also created a series on the skateboarders at the Burnside Skatepark in Portland. I photographed with a Holga, Leica CL or Nikon FE cameras. My life changed 3/1/2020 when my husband died. He was my partner in photography – driving with me to find sites to photograph, asking permission to photograph on private property, then framing the black/white photos that I shot on my analog cameras, developed and printed at The Portland Darkroom. The pandemic lockdown began and I was abruptly alone at age 74 in a surreal world. When I ventured out, it was to walk daily. Beaverton is nearby and I discovered busy construction sites – apartment buildings, a high school, a mall expansion, and a multi-use complex including a hotel, a garage, and an arts center. I returned to photography – but this time by myself, on foot, and with my iPhone. I am shooting in color, which helps me feel better, particularly on the drab days. Building frameworks are monochromatic, but flashes of color add spark. Right now iPhone photography is more accessible without going into the darkroom. As we emerge from Covid isolation, I expect to photograph with my film cameras again and be back in the darkroom.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lesliepeltz/

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