Joanna Westerfeld

I am Joanna Westerfeld and I design and create whatever my mind’s eye and heart inspires me when I pick up my tools.

I am fortunate to be able to work in my own studio in Portland Oregon. I have been working with glass for about 24 years. I have a full range of necessary materials in my large studio. I use Bullseye glass exclusively. There are molds of every size and shape that are used in a Paragon 24 inch kiln.  I teach fused glass and continue to learn with the students in the process.

When I started working with glass an artist I knew showed me the basic information about glass and the type of equipment I needed. After learning on my own from books I had the opportunity to take fused glass  classes from Sundance in Mountain View and in Santa Cruz CA. Years later I needed to advance my skills and explore other techniques and  attended small group study and classes at Sierra Nevada summer sessions for three years.

My decorative and inspired fused glass creations are made using a variety of Bullseye Glass and compatible glass paints. I prefer to fashion glass art that is pleasing artistically to the eye of the beholder and is a piece that has a functional place in the home.

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