Jeanine Semon

Jeanine Semon An Artist’s Statement at an advanced age takes on a different tone than one written earlier. You know where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you love. I’ve devoted my life to painting since the age of 26, when my second child was born and we discovered an electrifying art exhibit on one of our outings. That was 64 years ago. As for my art gifts, I attribute them to genes from my mother, Susan and my 2 great-uncles who were artisans for the royalty of Russia. My painting began with the Wisconsin landscape, joining my friends and eventually earning an art degree from the University of Wisconsin. I have done my 500 paintings or close to it that are said to make an artist. Along the way came my love for the American Indian and their respect for the interconnecting Universe —Trees, the Celestial, Creatures, dolphins especially. Add a connection to New Mexico, my favorite exhibiting place and more, lots of exhibits, and a few grants. But most importantly, it’s been my non-critical, freeing, encouraging husband Ed, without whom I wouldn’t have been this thriving creative happy artist. I offer desk-size prints of my healing paintings on metal. Ask about my books, and my husband’s.


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