Eddy Shuldman

Hebrew letters often dance across a fanciful screen in my mind’s eye. Translating this dance of letters and images into fused glass art becomes a meditative experience. I journey deeper into the meanings and fight the limitations that a solid yet fragile medium offers me. As I cut and shape the glass I find myself singing a  niggun: a wordless tune or an actual verse that has inspired my art.  The rest of my world is put on hold, I lose track of time, and I become fully absorbed in  meanings beneath meanings and beyond meanings. The product of my meditation is rarely as complex as the journey I have taken. I laughingly refer to my work as shiny, pretty things....but beneath that language is a hidden urge to share my relationship with the sacred. I love designing Seder plates, mezzuzot, tallit clips,  Torah adornments, and Yahrzeit candle holders.  Commissions are always welcome!

My humor taps the other side of my spiritual art. I delight in making fused glass character masks. Groucho, RBG, and Einstein are among my favorites! After spending a year in Covid quarantine, I felt called to develop some garden art  I lovingly refer to as “That’s My Shtick!”
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