Diane Moeglein

“If one intensifies all the colors, one regains peace and harmony.”   -Van Gogh

The first time I saw dichroic fused glass, I was mesmerized by the intense colors and how they seemed to change in the light, like my favorite fire opals.  Deep, vibrant color inspires me, and “letting” the kiln have the final say in how a piece turns out makes for excitement every time I open it!

I create in glass for the joy of transformation—physical and emotional.  My goal as an artist is to uplift, inspirit, and create a sense of fun and positivity for myself and others, through color, texture, interplay, words, and whimsy. And so much the better when it goes beyond fun to functional!

My fused glass creations include dichroic and art glass pendants, earrings, and other jewelry, hair ornaments, Judaica, fun and functional plates, bowls, and dishes, and other items of home decor, including my own Just Sayin's.

If you like my style, please check out my Facebook and Etsy websites or contact me directly for more photos of these and many other creations!

Fusing glass since 2009
Vancouver, Washington
(360) 904-1952


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