A Call for Artists

02d8916839706ec861ee308849959031_speak-out-coronado-clipart-no-calling-out-clipart_350-332.pngWE’RE CALLING YOU………………

ORA Northwest Jewish Artists, extends an invitation to all local Jewish artists to jury art work for participation in our annual art show, “Celebration of Art.” The jury will be held at Neveh Shalom on June 11th. This year’s Art show will take place on October 28 & 29 at Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland.
Interested? GO to our home page and look for the link for membership information (northwestjewishartists.org) or click here: Interested in joining ORA?
YOu’ll find jury forms there. You can join without jurying but if you want to show your work, you’ll need to jury.
Need more help? Have questions? Write to use: oraartists@gmail.com

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